Boisa wines originate in the famous Kakheti winegrowing region in the east of Georgia. They are made in a traditional way, from indigenous varieties in qvevri clay vessels over a hundred years old. Fermentation is spontaneous, without the addition of selected yeast or other oenological means.

Boisa NALI Rkatsiteli 2020

Orange (amber) dry wine. Hand-picked grapes, spontaneous fermentation, prolonged maceration, aged for six months in qvevri over a century old.

Rkatsiteli is an indigenous Georgian variety, once one of the world’s most widely planted grapevines.

Content: 0.75 l
Alcohol: 13.0% ABV

Boisa Saperavi 2017

Red dry wine from the indigenous Georgian variety Saperavi, one of the few grape varieties that contain pigment in the flesh of the berry and not just the skins. The must of Saperavi thus appears red right away, while most other red wines don’t get their colour until maceration.

Hand-picked grapes, spontaneous fermentation, maceration and one month of aging in 100-year-old qvevri.

Content: 0.75 l
Alcohol: 13.0% ABV

Boisa saperavi traditional 0.75L