8,000 vintages

Georgia is a country with over 8000 years of winemaking tradition, which is why many call it the cradle of wine. Archeological remnants show that the cultivation of vines and winemaking here reach all the way back to the early Neolithic, a tradition unbroken across the millennia. Thus, the origin of the words vino, vin, wine, is attributed precisely to the Georgian term ghvino.

Traditional winemaking here is inseparably tied to the use of large earthenware vessels called the qvevri, which appear in various sizes (from 50 to several thousand litres). Dug into the ground, they maintain optimal and stable temperature conditions for the fermenting and aging of wine. This ancient method of production has been preserved in Georgia till present day, included in the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. This is how Boisa wines are made.

It is difficult to put into words just how significant wine is in the culture of the Georgians. The winemaking tradition of the land has experienced many trials, especially during conflict and war which descended on the territory frequently throughout the ages. Vineyards were the target of raiders vandalizing Georgia’s cultural heritage to break the spirit of the people. Fortunately, the locals are profoundly resilient, hiding their sites in the highlands and replanting their vineyards with stubborn vitality. Legend has it every Georgian soldier carried a vine sapling under his coat, which could take root should he fall on the battlefield. Such dedication has allowed the preservation of over 525 indigenous grape varieties, and Georgia is now famous as the country with the world’s longest unbroken winemaking tradition, no less than 8000 vintages and counting.

Today this tradition is an essential part of Georgian cultural heritage, tightly knit into the national and cultural identity of the people, a symbol of their hospitality and spirit. Wine plays an important role in the daily life of Georgians, especially in their holy rites and festivities.

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