About me

Vladimer Boisa

I was born in 1981 in the city of Rustavi, Georgia. Growing up in a sports family, I quickly fell in love with basketball which would become a major part of my life. Having played for the Georgian junior national teams, I moved to Slovenia at seventeen, where I spent the greatest years of my career, making a home and family for myself. After seven years of playing for Ljubljana’s Olimpija, my athletic path travelled Italy, Russia, Greece, Spain, Croatia, leading back to homeland Georgia where I retired from competition in 2013. During my basketball career, my greatest honour was representing the Georgian national team, of which I was a proud member for 15 years.

Wrapping up my role on the game court, I began working as vice-president of the Georgian basketball association, finally making time for my deep passion for wine that has been steadily growing throughout the years. I’m fortunate to enjoy the company of great people who assist me with their advice and wisdom, and committed to wine made according to the traditional Georgian method, putting my heart into each bottle. From a delightful pastime, my initial affection for wine expanded to brandy production, flourishing eventually into so much more … the story of Boisa.

Vladimer Boisa, marani, Telavi, Georgia
Vladimer Boisa, Tbilisi, Gerogia
Vladimer Boisa, marani, Telavi, Georgia